Private Parties

Our space is available for after hours private parties.

We do not recommend our venue for small children parties. (under 10 years of age)  We have tried this many times and it just does not work.

There is a $100 reservation fee  for a one hour party and $200 fee for a 2 hour party.

After you pay the reservation fee there is a charge of $10 per person regardless of age.

You must have a minimum of 20 guests.  If you do not have 20 guests you will be still be charged for 20 guests.

So, after you pay the reservation fee and the $10 per person, you and your guests can play as much pinball and classic video games as they like for the duration of your party.

You are allowed to bring in whatever food you would like to have, however, we ask that you buy drinks from our bar.

You are NOT allowed to bring in alcoholic beverages.  This is against North Carolina law.

If you have any questions or would like to reserve a date please call us at 828-776-5671.

apm front room

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